Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn

Dréa is a true artist in many forms; she shows us her life and her purest thoughts and feelings through a variety of mediums from oil and acrylic paintings to digital photography collages. When asked about what she uses as inspiration, she replied with a very definitive one word answer, “love”. Her progressive and thought provoking work challenges societal norms, body shaming, and the imagination; her humility and passion are so boldly seen in her work as she describes her own understanding behind it. "There's a lot of bad in this world..there’s a lot of information that people's attention need to be drawn to in order to make that change. But there's a lot of good in this world too and I feel that that's equally important in drawing attention to, which in its own way it also helps create change because when you show people the positive things in life, such as love and acceptance and beauty, it makes you want to save those things." One thing artists are known to struggle with is feeling unique. True art is said to come from the soul and as an individual who bares her soul for all to see, Dréa certainly doesn't have a problem showing us just how unique she is!