Drea L. Powell (dreART)

Visual Art – Memphis

My name is Drea, an artist from Memphis, TN. Art is my love and my sanity, the way I express what I cannot easily convey with words. It is what brings happiness and light to my life and I hope to share that feeling with others through my creative works. I\'ve been drawing since I could hold a crayon. Sketchbooks and paint chips litter the former dining area of my apartment that has become my art studio. I\'ve never found anything that quite touches my soul the way art does. It\'s the clearest and most visible window into myself and all the subtle nuances of the human experience that I have yet to fully understand. It took a long time to realize how I could affect others with my artwork and touch them, connect with them in a way that no conversation ever could. After a few difficult life changes in recent years, I stopped doing anything creative (art, dance, writing) because it was too painful. But I found that my heart was missing what it loved the most. So, encouraged by close friends and family, I started painting again last year. dreART™ was created so that I could share my love of art and its influence, and inspire others through my creative works. My style varies because the human experience is varied and constantly changing. I like to reflect that in my work, and taking on new challenges is always a driving force for me.