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"Artisanal Crafted Natural Products -- Thoughtfully Formulated & Scientifically Sound" Thank you for visiting my RAWartists profile! I started crafting natural products in 2017 after loosing 60% of my eye sight and could no longer work as a PhD Chemist. Living on a fixed income, I started growing my own produce but my "crops" were constantly infested with insects. Being a chemist, I knew the drawbacks of traditional chemical pesticides but I was constantly disappointed by the performance and expense of natural insecticides available. I knew that with my education and experience as a chemist, I could create my own, "insect remedy" that would out perform and cost less than the alternatives. This opened the proverbial creative floodgates that has led to the genesis of the Dr O's Botanical Blends brand. I have now extensively researched, formulated, tested & developed over 25 products that use only 100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS, many of which are ORGANIC, NON-GMO & RESPONSIBLY SOURCED. I also design all labels used on product packaging. Dr O's products include Aromatherapeutic candles & air fresheners, anti-aging skin care, beard care, insect repellents & more. ...more