Edrok One
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Visual Art – Los Angeles - Hollywood, CA

Vibrant and disturbing, the creatures that grow out of Edroks’ imagination are grotesque and full of beautiful color. Edroks’ imagery is inspired from his background as a graffiti artist, and his love of classic horror films, cartoons, skateboarding, and comic books. Edrok creates a dialogue between the beautiful and the grotesque by using clean line work and smooth handling of paint to contrast the decaying and aging skin of his creatures. The graphic lines push his monsters into high relief, and the elongated forms give them a surreal aspect that illustrate a nightmarish imagination. For Edrok the works are an escape from reality, and a way for him to focus his energies. This body of work is a culmination of his past trials and tribulations. A presentation of his internal war with himself. These paintings have become metaphorical skin graft on his scarred past. ...more