Nikki Sitzmann

Visual Art – San Francisco

I have been doing art my whole life, but only realized my ability to create eye-catching pictures as something worth pursuing about a year ago. I studied not art but German in college, which took me to Europe, an experience which has etched its way permanently in my mind and subsequently in word and pictureform. People had always been telling me to do something with my creations, but I lacked the trust and conviction in myself to do it. After a rock-bottom of sorts I came to the undeniable realization that I was going to have to do art for the rest of my life as a vessel for self-expression. The most rewarding thing about this whole adventure is noticing how my art is actually a history of myself. It is an honor to be able to participate here as a RAW artist, and I hope you can come out in support of my decision to follow the path of an artist!