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Fashion – Los Angeles - Downtown, CA

I'm an unconventional Surrealist artist; painter (oil) ,photographer, installation and sculptor artist. "I love beauty and perfection." eiotown EE-OH-town A Mexican artist but he grew up in Anaheim, California where he calls his hometown. ​His objective in life is to have his art live forever and make an impact in this world. Like he says: "It's important for me, that people know that I've walked in this world and hopefully through my art I can show a glimpse of my inner mind as art forever." A job in retail unexpectedly gave him an opportunity to explore his creative side through designing window displays. This is where he found out he had the enormous potential to create a visual display that used every aspect of his creativity. Taking a mannequin and using that as his canvas, he was able to draw on that and expand his definition of creating a piece of art. In turn leaving his signature in this world by being an artist. "I love beauty and perfection. In my mannequins whether broken, faded or incomplete, I always see potential in them. My hands are guided by them to extract their beauty. They inspire me to bring forth the artist I've become". "Finding beauty within my mannequins I found [the Genie within me](the tittle of one of his paintings), realizing that the path to everlasting life would be through paintings." He had found his personal style as eioism [ee-ioh-iz-uh m] Professionally known as "eiotown", he has cultivated different combinations to his art always bringing something new to his work that never stops amazing peoples’ minds. Most of his work represents life's complications and relationships: "My Loves, emotions, and my “ relationship ” is just another tool to get creative while my brain is on strike. In order to fuel my creative gene I require conflicting matter, which I only get from relationships". ...more