Eklectic Mix

Accessories – Brisbane

My name is Jennifer, I hail from that big patch of green grass on the other side of the world called Ireland and have been living in Australia for 13 years now. I\'m a graphic designer by trade and have also spent many years as a screen printer but my passion lies with making and creating jewellery, accessories and clothing. Ideas for a new jewellery range tend to happen organically for me. I may have a handful of beads and soon something will evolve right in front of me which subsequently expands into a full range. Making jewellery is something I could do all day as my ideas appear to be never ending. Not the best when I find I have another box filled with pieces, however it does mean I have an abundance and quite an array to choose from and wear everyday. Lucky for me don\'t you think. Every item I create is either a one off piece or very limited edition. With trends coming and going it is becoming more difficult to find unique pieces that may complement individuality. This to me is something that I like as a customer. The idea of owning a handmade one off piece is something I relish in so have echoed this idea in everything I make. I love to create things and when people love the things I create it makes me happy, simple as that. Enjoy. Jen