Accessories – Toronto

The idea of creating E’s Element began specifically on July 9th 2020 (practically in the early stages of the global lockdown). "I knew I always wanted to start a business once I graduated from University", says Emmanuela Okon. She created E’s Element because she wanted to give people easy and quick access to quality jewelry and athleisurewear pieces. Of course, there are many Athleisurewear brands, but since 2021, E’s Element pieces stand out mainly because the types of clothing they provide are handmade and cut and sewn. As for the jewelry pieces, E’s Element works alongside highly-vetted suppliers to bring the brand’s jewelry line vision to life. E’s Element stands out mainly because it is a hub where you can find jewelry pieces while also searching for comfy clothing. For the most part, Emmanuela Okon's inspiration to start E's Element came from wanting to curate quality jewelry and athleisurewear pieces that people can use to elevate their style daily (even while at home). Since 2021, E’s Element has successfully launched versatile jewelry pieces and limited athleisurewear pieces and has excessively established its brand’s social media presence through social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok and Pinterest.