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Visual Art – New York - NYC, NY

Erica Hernandez, born and raised in the Dominican Republic is a New York-based artist who focuses in print and digital art. She studied Studio Art in Manhattanville College, becoming skilled in the art of translating her worldview in a complex digital age. Her work with 2D design earned her the Phillys and Gary Grebstein Award during her sophomore year and paved the way for her translation into other mediums, including printmaking during her study abroad semester in Florence, Italy. Because of her background in Art History, she developed a strong sociopolitical awareness and the power art could have, influencing her senior thesis "demoiselles Meraki". Her senior thesis combined her love for traveling, her experiences growing up in the Caribbean and the empowerment of women. Her use of Dominican colloquialisms, fashion and the deconstruction of the life of a millennial immigrant woman is evident in her work and becomes an ode to her roots, her personal growth and where she's going: island made, city based. ...more