Emily McLaughlin

Visual Art – Seattle

Painting through, over, and beyond multimedia collage is how Emily McLaughlin combines avenues of perceptions composed from disparate histories, symbols, and metaphors. Connections are built up across paint strokes and the cut edges of paper- tactile physical connections and those of meaning. Her work explores ambiguous, composite experiences and symmetries of opposites. Purely painted and painted over photographed images become hard to distinguish from each other, representing in method the melding together of perceptions, facts, and memories. She often finds herself including imagery from various stages in the history of technology, as she is fascinated by how our ideas are intimately related to the abilities of our tools. Emily has been making art in various ways since she can remember. She has studied literature, art and art history at Oberlin College and L’Ecole Marchutz in Aix-en-Provence, France. Her work has been part of gallery exhibits and digital displays in Seattle and local areas, New York City, and Art Basel Miami Beach. Her pieces have been projected onto buildings in Long Island City and Times Square, NY, as part of art event installations. She lives in Seattle, where she is a member artist of the Center for Contemporary Art and the artist run cooperative Art/Not Terminal Gallery.