EPIK Dance Company

Performing Art – Phoenix

EPIK Dance Company is a 501c3 nonprofit street-fusion dance company that combines classical training (like contemporary, jazz, and modern) with urban disciplines (like hip hop, breaking, and locking) to provide all people an opportunity to experience the benefits of dance and the arts through public education, performances, and community enrichment. The EPIK Dance Company vision was put into motion in 2007 by Luis Egurrola and Sarah Dimmick, who shared a love of music and a passion for dance. With the simple goal of promoting the public’s knowledge of dance and fostering their appreciation for the arts, Egurrola and Dimmick began recruiting fellow dancers who shared their love and passion for the performing arts. What resulted was a group of unique, diverse, and talented dancers that have since made a name for themselves by providing dynamic performances and high-quality arts education programs throughout Arizona.