RED Profile Picture
Visual Art – Sydney, NSW

An emerging artist in the discipline of Printmaking, Emily Redman otherwise known as RED has just completed her Masters of Fine Art at the National Art School. With a desire to push the limits of traditional Printmaking, Emily employs unique materials within her work, which often comments on societal aspects. “The relationship between the psychology and physiology of the human body has been a constant source of conceptual guidance in my work. My motivation for creating art is quite personal, with the majority of my artwork conceptually based upon attributes of my personal life, whether that be personal experiences, social opinions or medical conditions. With references to these influences, and the combination of both traditional printmaking and photographic techniques, I pride myself on producing work that will illuminate the audience about aspects of themselves and the way they relate to others, particularly in relation to societal, political and personal problems. My work, with its straightforward conceptual message and graphic nature, aims to make the personal public in an attempt to change the acceptability of some societal aspects; and to enlighten the audience about certain issues that have previously been overlooked, hidden or considered too personal to enter the public domain.” ​ ...more