Evan Croft
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Music – Toronto, ON

Evan Croft (born January 26, 1996) is a Canadian entertainer who doesn't believe in limits. Born In Toronto to Sharon & Ian Croft, Evan is the youngest member of the family. At age eight, he decided to pursue his interests in the entertainment industry, and honed his talents at local venues - performing both within his hometown and nationally. 18 years old is when Evan found the drive and passion to become a recording artist. He honed his talent by growing in some of the talent incubators such as RAW Artists, and MyAfton. After taking the stage at Alleycatz, Nightowl, and Mod Club Theatre, the experience of Evan’s live performances can be described as a 'calm before the storm', meaning it starts slow then throughout the performance there's a build up. Then before you know it, you're enjoying yourself. Evan’s sound comes from many influences of Michael Jackson & Tupac to Chris Brown & Trey Songz. His vision is to push the limits of his talent, and to inspire people to embrace themselves. ...more