Erin Green
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Performing Art – Brisbane, QLD

By day I am a freelance writer and blogger. My blog, ‘Everything by Erin’ literally covers, you guessed it, everything. However, by night I am a mic spitting MC, much like Eminem. Probably, no definitely, not as good. Yet. I first got into public speaking, as most people do, in primary school being forced to give presentations in front of the class. When I realised how comfortable I was in front of people, usually talking absolute drivel; I knew that this was something I was good at and what I wanted to pursue much more than pursuing a career maths or science which I still to this day don’t really have a solid grasp on (much to my parents dismay). So come one, come all, and have a laugh at each and every showcase Raw Natural Born Artists. It is an amazing night full of amazing local artists and creatives. ...more