Fashion By Rohini

Accessories – Orange County

Rohini Bedi a name, , a visionary, a fashion power house in her own right. From the mere age of 19, Rohini\'s creativity came to life at her very first store at the presitigious Ambassador Hotel in New Delhi. From that point on, there was just no looking back. Her collections hit the runways from Indonesia to London, France to Vancouver, from Mumbai to Los Angeles receiving tremendous applause and truly embodying the spirit of the Indian woman. She artistically fuses both modern and traditional palettes, intertwined with rich hand embroidery, laced with exuberant borders in bold beautiful shades of emerald greens, sapphire blues, and flame reds catering to the likes of trendsetters across the globe. Rohinis approach to fashion is simple, yet classy and trendy with attention to detail, fit, silhouette, styling and finishing. Her line caters to the woman of today. strong, feminine, independent, modern and chic. She focuses on wearibility along with a futuristic look and catches the latest movements in style and fashion from across the globe. Innovative use of intricate ornamentation and surface developments render the label a distinctively simplistic feel, combined with style and bit of sensuality. Today, her artistic silhouettes are a staple at any prestigious wedding or function. Each outfit carrying the signature Rohini Bedi touch but with an individualistic look not to be found on any other piece. ‘Elegance doesn’t mean being noticed, it means being remembered’ says the iconic designer. And that truly is an understatement when your draped in your very own, Rohini Bedi couture piece.