Felicia Thomas
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Performing Art – Houston, TX

Felicia Thomas is a dancer & choreographer that was recently awarded "Best in Show" for the Anything Goes Festival in Houston. She performs samba styles & specializes in Afro-Modern dance where she fuses dances of the African diaspora with her modern dance background. Felicia Thomas was born in Houston, TX., and through her father who loved music and the arts, was exposed to dance and music at a very young age. While attending a Fine Arts Magnet elementary school, she began playing the flute, running track, cheerleading, and dancing. Felicia fell in love with dance, as well as its cultural & social significance. She continued to pursue her dreams by obtaining her Bachelor of Arts in Dance where her studies focused on Modern and Ballet. After obtaining her B.A. Felicia moved back to Houston and performed for 2 modern dance companies with a strong bases in "Horton" technique. She then received a wonderful and "path changing" opportunity to perform in a stage play with a Houston area African dance company. This opportunity presented both, a new movement vocabulary and a deeper appreciation for cultural dancing. She later became a member of the company, learning and performing West African, Dance Hall, and Caribbean Folk Dance styles. Felicia furthered her learning in various dances of the African Diaspora and began taking Salsa, Afro-Brazilian Samba, and Rio Carnival Style Samba lessons. She then began performing with a professional samba dance company for 2 years. Felicia has not stopped training in African, Afro-Latin, Caribbean, and modern dance. She continues to take class, travel for workshops, and is pursuing her M.A. in Cross-Cultural Studies as she researches movements of the African Diaspora & their social context. ...more