Visual Art – Los Angeles - Downtown

Expressing the musicality of painting through the soul of a brush, Felicia Khong, also known as feliFRESH, is a live visual artist based in Los Angeles, CA with a love for music. The name feliFRESH was inspired by the legendary hip-hop pioneer Doug E. Fresh, who also shares her birthdate of Sept 17th. Involved in a wide range of creative outlets, Felicia displays her passion for music, art, design, photography and film in all of her work. Currently as a freelance visual artist Felicia has painted live and exhibited for galleries, festivals, events and corporations like The NFL Network, Betsey Johnson, Target, Macy\'s, The W Hotel, Lollapalooza, Paid Dues Hip Hop Festival, Bloomfest, Downtown Artwalk, UCLA Jazz Reggae Fest, Crewest, S.O.terik, Project Ethos, Hold Up Gallery, Bang Gallery, The O Hotel, Diabolo Drinks, R.A.W. Artists and F.A.M.E., in addition to being featured in various music videos and publications. Her styles include Urban Art, Pop Art, Street Art, Fine Art, Acrylic, Graffiti and Mixed Media. As an individual who loves, lives and breathes music, Felicia aims to capture the essence of visual music by \"seeing sounds\" and \" hearing colors\" through her work. Likening the similarity between blended hues with the right composition to a catchy melody over the perfect beat makes her style truly unique. Representing a \"fresh\" generation of female entrepreneurs, Felicia \"feliFRESH\" Khong is a force to be reckoned with.