HISTRIONICA Collective- Art of Eli Klein

Visual Art – Philadelphia

HISTRIONICA Eli Klein: Art, Oils, Design Jake Klein: Electronic Music Production, Keys, Lyricist, Songwriter. Gina Rose: Lyricist, Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Keys, Songwriter, Fashion. "0" Joe Iampieri: Lead Guitar, Songwriter. Elliot Levine: Horns and Flute Dave "Dassa" Campbel: Percussion facebook.com/histrionicamusic facebook.com/elikleinart Histrionica is a collective mash up of genre-bending music, arts, culture, and fashion with no limits to their creativity. Eli Klein is the Art side of the Histrionica Collective. About the Artist: My name is Eli and I'm an Artist, always have been. I like to paint the secret dimension. When I create, I place color and line where I feel it needs to be. I think this process, to me autonomic, causes dramatic yet imperceptible changes in the viewer. This hidden geometry of color and movement produces a distinct vibration much in the same way as music. I try and record energy to canvas. I am not prone to abstraction but to perception. I want people to feel when they view my work they are looking into another dimension, removed yet familiar. My work is not meant to be understood, but to be witnessed.