Flag Duty
Flag Duty Profile Picture
Music – Brisbane, QLD

Fresh out of high school in 2017, Ben Hobart (Guitar, Lead Vocals) and Tom Jolly (Bass, Vocals) began playing and writing together, with many of the band’s first releases born from these sessions. The pair were soon joined by Abi Ashford (Guitar, Vocals), making a conscious effort to develop a wealth of original material. After uniting with Lachlan Barnard (Drums), Flag Duty quickly became an escape from life’s noise and a strong creative force. Drawing on an eclectic mix of modern and nostalgic rock influences, the band quickly established a colourful pop- and alt-rock sound, blending the musical hooks of indie rock with catchy pop melodies. Flag Duty made their live debut in May of 2019, playing to a sold out crowd and setting themselves as eccentric entertainers. Later in the year, Flag Duty released their first two singles “All I Need” and “A Little Late” to great reviews, quickly establishing their sound. As their following grew, Flag Duty began gigging again, with a tight yet energetic set meeting excited crowds. Following the release of fan favourite, The Spiel, the quartet went on to take the support reigns for local legends Shag Rock. With much more still in store, the future is bright for this Brisbane act. ...more