Flow Kitty
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Performing Art – Atlanta, GA

From the swampy lands of Lousianna, deep in the south, a place where magic, culture, diversity, and history collide...is where the Bayou Swamp Kitty truly made her name. You can catch her in the French Quarter performing for tourtists and locals to enjoy, you might catch her marching down a parade every other couple days during Mardi Gras, you might even see her at some flow events in Atlanta and throughout Florida. Three years ago (October 2014) Flow Kitty aka Mia Cruse fell in love with the simplicity yet very much complexity of hula hooping. After hooping for awhile and understanding the basic fundamentals of hoop tech Miss Kitty then started incorparating other techniques that she had already knew such as gymnastics, ballet dance, and yoga to her hoop flow. After achieving a personal and genuine flow with hoops she then went on to teaching hula hoop workshops. Her teaching journey blossomed after instructing her Acro-Inversion class at the Texas Flow Fest in Austin, TX (March 2017). Flow Kitty also known Mia, directs Funky Flowdah Flow Festival a two day camping festival in North Florida. Kitty performs with troupes from all over including all the way down in South Florida with the Burning Man conclave, to performances with Krewes in New Orleans for Mardi Gras and Jazz Fest, to Atlanta where she works with Iris and FLOWlanata and many more like Chattanooga, TN, & Asheville, NC! Flow Kitty is apart of The Dancing Bear Tribe which is based out of St. Louis and she also is a RAW Artist which is an art conclave production company in almost every state and a few outside countries that bring independent artists together to provide a professional and authentic setting for artist share their craft. Aside from performing and teaching, Kitty runs her own fire prop shop called "The Pyrologist" which she currently sponsors 3 amazing fire flow artists. ...more