Visual Art – Phoenix

I am a professional perspective finder and meticulous design whisperer residing in Arizona with my loving friends, a seemingly possessed cat, the scraggliest dog, and a whole lot of canvases. Fueled by coffee and inspired by everything, I work primarily in abstract painting and digital illustration. After tumbling through the world looking for a voice I have found art to be the loudest of them all. I want to share my experiences in any way possible and the most exciting way I have found so far is to splatter paint on a canvas and hope my emotions stick, too. I have always struggled with articulating my words in a way that others can understand so every piece of art I create is an exercise in self expression, like creating words that don't exist yet. Creating a thing of beauty is hard when the world shoots down anything less ugly than itself, but as I evolve as an artist I hope to create something that will last longer than I do with the power to stand its own ground against anything.