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Music – Melbourne, VIC

From wineries to rooftops, packed bars to backyards, GERRY KENNEDY is on a whirlwind national tour promoting his shiny new EP, 'The Night Before'. Described as “the messiah of backyard folk” (Harry Kent, 2019), the pin-up boy for Ugly Head Entertainment has a humbler view of himself. “I just sing songs about making love and making memories. If that connects with people, what more do you want?” His identical twin brother, hip-hop iconoclast EAZY G, has been known to crash some of Gerry’s gigs. “Gerry’s songs are feel-good folk-rock that are catchy as f**k and everybody bloody loves it. On one hand, I’m super proud of him, but on the other, we’re still super competitive so sometimes I’ll jump on stage and steal the mic…and the show.” ‘The Night Before’ is now available on all streaming platforms. ...more

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Showcasing in Sydney, NSW

EVOKE at Orion Centre (18+) – 03 Oct 2019 @ 6:30PM