Jaz'Reale Jinks

Film – Atlanta

Yes, my real name is Jinks and my slogan is GET JNXed! This means be yourself, "flaws" included. So often the characteristics I perceived to be negative about myself actually shaped the artist I am today and allowed me to create in a more raw and authentic way. The duality of our flaws and strengths are what make artists unique and their art universal. Tapping into both can be therapeutic for ones personal life, but can also inspire and enlighten the world. Although I practice many art forms, I specialize in directing, writing, graphic art, and photography. By capitalizing on my own insecurities and strengths, I feel more... JNXed or myself. As an artist, I use my art to encourage others to truly be themselves even if it means stepping out of their comfort zone. You may be surprised to find out you love this version of yourself a lot more. And so I dare you to GET JNXed!