Jane Sleeman

Visual Art – Chicago

I am a Michigan born artist that after living in several different cities across the USA have made my home in Chicago. Originally when I went to college I studied art with a large interest in painting and photography. I transferred to finish school in Chicago and fell in love with the city. Spent some time in LA and Raleigh NC before returning to my favorite city. Through school I worked retail and fell into the lifestyle, leaving my art behind. Recently, I rediscovered my love of painting. I left my busy life behind to focus on my paintings and with the support of family and friends have even able to live a truly wonderful art filled life! I am truly blessed to be able to share my passion through art with people all over the country. My painting style was developed when I was painting with oils in college. I never painted with brushes, I used a small piece of cardboard and dragged the paint across the canvas. I always felt like I had more control over the paint and could let the paints mix on my canvas in a more natural way. I still use the technique with the colorful backgrounds with all of my paintings. In the past I have focused on very detailed realistic paintings and drawings, but during art school I found my style which is more whimsical and playful. Giving details when necessary, but focusing on catching the feeling and personality of my subjects.