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Accessories – New York - Brooklyn, NY

In 2012, I discovered that my roommate made his own soap. I went berserk and asked him to teach me. Once I learned how to make it, I didn't look back. I made my own, used it, gave it away, and began teaching others how to make it. Later that year I travelled to Lima, Peru, where I grew up. There, a dear friend and mother figure gave me a box of my father’s old vinyl records and a bottle of Obsession aftershave by Calvin Klein that had belonged to him. Opening that bottle and smelling the contents brought me back a couple of decades to the time when my father was alive. Back in Brooklyn, while making a batch of soap, I felt a sudden powerful impulse to pour the entire bottle in. And so I did. Although this isn't the proper way to scent soap, the batch turned out well. After the soap had cured, I put it in a box and wrote KARMA SOAP on the side. I gave that soap to everyone I knew who needed to heal some aspect of their relationship with my father–including myself. That gesture was the seed of Give Soap. ...more