Gladis Alejandre

Visual Art – Los Angeles

ARTIST'S STATEMENT “My main objective as a Chicana artist is to promote and cultivate the importance of higher education, art, and the importance of keeping traditions alive.”- Gladis Alejandre The central theme of my work is the ideas of capturing motion, culture, beauty, love, life experiences and identity. Most of my work is acrylic and oil on canvas. My artwork is like a personal journal, cataloging the past. Some of my work is based on capturing a moment in time and I do this by capturing the motion of dancers. When I capture a moment in time I try to paint it in different hues and scales. As a Mexican Folklorico dancer, I incorporate my cultural backgrounds in my work. I paint folklorico dancers from different parts of Mexico. In the series of paintings titled Raices de mi Tierra (the paintings titled: Self Portrait- Dancing Jalisco and Sinaloa), I concentrate on the aesthetics of dancing by showing an abstract movement of color. I have an interest in photography and I use my photos to seek a better understanding of capturing motion. In my recent series title “Mujer- History Makers” I focus on women, who have influenced me in one way or another. They have made an impact in my life and have thought me to not give up on my dreams. Some of the women include: Frida Kahlo, Dolores Huerta, Hilda Solis and Madre Teresa. BIOGRAPHY Gladis Alejandre was born in Los Angeles and raised in Azusa, California. She was in high school when she first started to exhibit and selling her work. Gladis studied Art in the Ryman Program at USC. She received her BFA in Art Studio in 2008 from UC Santa Barbara. In 2010, Gladis received her Masters in Educational Counseling with embedded School Counseling Credential at Azusa Pacific University. Since then Gladis has moved to Covina close to her hometown and works as a Freelance Artist and Educator. CURRENT EXHIBITIONS - Dia De Los Muertos, Hollywood Forever Cementary, Hollywood Ca, October 22, 2011. -The 18th De Colores Art Show, Santa Paula Art Museum, Santa Paula Ca, October 15, 2011-January 29, 2012. -Dia De Los Muertos, Mercado La Paloma, Los Angeles Ca, October 29, 2011. -El Velorio, KGB Studios, Los Angeles Ca, 0ctober 28th 2011. CONTACT INFORMATION Gladis Alejandre [email protected]