Visual Art – Orange County

Born in New York, fashion was just a part of my life. My mother was a hair stylist in the 60\'s & her sense of style clearly had an impact on me at an early age. My paintings are intended to extol the Goddess in all gals with a sense of whimsical glamour, parody and designer wearing attitude. Without any preconceived notions, each Glamour Gal™ takes on a life of her own with an imposing personal statement. Using simplistic lines, color and expression, without apology, I leave it up to the distinct viewer to determine the appeal... Currently my paintings and prints are collected all across the United States and in England, France, Russia, Japan, Germany, Israel, Greece, Singapore, Italy, Bermuda, Thailand, Ireland, Switzerland, Netherlands, Australia, Belgium, Iceland, Bahrain, Norway, Brazil, Canada, Denmark and Dubai.