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Visual Art – Boston, MA

I am a tactile Artist who is inspired by experimental somatic technique. My material choices are reasoned by my mental capacity to express myself. Clay, paint, ink, and metal create patient environments for me. Individual drive to explore personal curiosity is difficult to negotiate, but through craft it is prioritized as most valuable. As a woman with a tactile fascination, how to use the materials and mediums are what drive me to practice, improve, and transcend new boundaries. My textured work is meant to invite the viewer to touch, as it is a sensory response we are often denied. Attention to craft method is a mode of therapy, and a way for me to discuss mental health awareness and emotional intelligence. Rather than internally battle with ideas that would eventually cause me to shut down, I chose to bring the fight outside of myself. Because my attention deficit disorder is hyperactive and of my anxiety, it further triggers my ability to see patterns in random stimuli. This psychological phenomenon is called pareidolia.This visual response leads me to draw, paint, and construct pieces that might be considered unusual, strange, or unidentifiable. Through my work, I combine my illusionary fascination further by incorporating physics. I enjoy shifting lens conditions in which my work may glow-in-the-dark and fluoresce under UV-lights. Through encouraging sensory interaction, the viewer intern becomes an advocate for the tangible understanding that there is always something more to discover. ...more

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Showcasing in Boston, MA

METAMORPHOSE at Mixx 360 (21+) – Mar 05, 2020 @7:00PM