Har By Char Star

Beauty – Calgary

I am a Hairstylist by trade since 2012. Entrepeneur as of a few months ago, becoming my own brand, selling festival hair all hand made by me. I do feed in French Braiding and sell Bubble Braids as an add on as hair extensions. I have custom bling bling that I decorate them with to add more flair and sparkle ✨ My main specialties for hair in the industry are; 🔹Bubble Braid Extensions 🔹Double Dutch Braids 🔹Curly Hair 🔹Lifting Black hair to Platinum 🔹Pulp riot 🔹Hair Tattooing At the Raw event I will be showcasing my bubble braid product as well as hair and body glitter as an accessory. I will have a total of 3 models to showcase my installation of the feed in French braiding I do. Come say hi!