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Performing Art – New York - NYC, NY

Chiu Yi (Chewy) Hannah Yukon is a queer bi-cultural hybrid multi-genre artist from Singapore and New Zealand. Her work investigates the inherent failure of articulation, both as a linguistic mechanism as well as a by-product of transmission. She explores, through mathematical explorations and cartographic data collection, the mind-thought-feeling triangulation of capitalism, colonial desire, and astrological synchronicity. Her chapbook ATOA: A Meditative Poem Through the Alphabet won the Southeast Inaugural Editors' Choice Digital Chapbook Prize. An avid road tripper and aspiring Vegan, Chewy wants to tour America with a band she has not found yet. She is the co-founder of "TITTIES" a tote bag making initiative that distributes free tote bags made from recycled t-shirts to local grocery stores. She currently works as a robotics mentor, a ramen noodle maker, and a girl scouts STEM instructor. She is working on a manuscript-album "The Principles of Geometry". In her free time she raves and practices yoga on her roof with cat friend, Micah. ...more