Han Wang
Han Wang Profile Picture
Visual Art – Philadelphia, PA

Han Wang is a Chinese artist who is living in Philadelphia, PA. She received her BFA degree at Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts in China in 2013, and received her MFA degree at the University of the Arts in the U.S. in 2016. She chooses to be an outsider in America to use her surroundings as inspiration for her art. Prior to her move to the U.S., she focused on making sculptures and learning about public art. Since her relocation, Han Wang has been involved in several exhibitions in Philadelphia, showcasing her work with fellow artists. In 2015, she began work with The Clay Studio in Philadelphia to expand her knowledge through an apprenticeship with Julie Moon. Today, Wang finished her Master’s degree and working on ceramics and sculpture. Wang’s artistic practice embodies the cultural phenomenon she named “cultural grafting”. Through combining traditional and contemporary ceramic techniques, Wang’s work uses food as her main subject. Her work explores the history of other cultures while using Chinese techniques. ...more