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Visual Art – Atlanta, GA

I am originally from Mississippi, but have lived in Atlanta area majority of my life. Currently, I’m pursuing a BFA in Interior Design at Brenau University. I’ve also been serving as a Medic in the United States Army since 2008. With all of that going on, one major passion that I have always had is the love for creating art! I started drawing as a kid out of boredom and that quickly blossomed into an intense relationship with pencil and paper. After years of becoming a perfectionist with those mediums and hours of cramped hands, I discovered and fell deeply in love with the freedom and raw creativity of abstract painting in college. More recently I have challenged myself to the embark on the journey of realism. I take pride in challenging myself to improve technically, mechanically and creatively as well as continuing to grow and develop as an artist. I am SUPER excited to share my work with the world and looking forward to meeting other locals who share the same passion and love for creating as I do. ...more

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Showcasing in Atlanta, GA

PREMIERE at The Masquerade (18+) – Mar 12, 2020 @7:00PM