Helen Kagan \'Healing Arts\'

Visual Art – Miami

A Counselor/Artist creating and sharing my unique \'Healing Arts\' for inspiration, healing, transformation, and just for good mood. I believe that Art heals. I believe my \'Healing Arts\' as a powerful form of self-expression, enhances healing and promotes well-being in a viewer. My canvases are varied, vibrant, some are raw, some refined, all are intuitive - bridges to the past, cities in the rain, street lights, music, oceans, fields of sunflowers, sunsets... However, the following core elements are always present in my art: being on your spiritual Journey, going towards Light, awareness of \'Here and Now\', and of course - \'j\'oie de vivre\'! Communicating on subliminal levels, my art delivers this message through positively charged intention, healing frequencies of colors, and energetically balanced composition. My intention is to create a substantial body of Healing Art to serve people and communities in need, wherever it can enhance healing and promote well-being. As a therapist and an artist I believe that tragedy, pain and trauma can be healed with beauty, love, positive energy, and self-expression. My passionate and vibrant Art is a statement of my beliefs.