Hex.Hack Games

Tech – Toronto

Hex.Hack Games is a partnership between two computational artists (Michael Italiano and Milena Satrohan), creating experiential forms of art. Our first project "PROXY (1.0)" is an interactive installation through which the role of the user as an explorer is projected through the experiences of a rebellious tinkerer whose fate/existence is questioned by the System which he himself has built (illegally). Through the workstation of Erik H. March (a software developer of the Fracture Haze Realities Corp.), the user navigates the fabric of the realities Erik has created through his own ‘Proxy' named “Hexen" in order to collect and protect vital information and prevent the System from collapse. The full installation is an office space “cubicle”, where the user can explore Erik’s workspace and learn about his current developments on the System. The user fends off “attacks” from the rogue Proxy using the “Fractured Haze Employee Interface Device” to minimize data loss and progress through the story. ...Do you have what it takes to save the System?