Hizwerks Profile Picture
Visual Art – Pittsburgh, PA

Ken enjoys many mediums, but has really enjoyed pastels and charcoal. Born in a small town in western Pennsylvania, Ken Hale discovered a love for art at the age of 4. At the age of 12, Ken was noticed by his art teacher, mentor and friend, Fred Corle, who pushed Ken to constantly refine his talent. By his senior year of high school, Ken was spending 4 classes a day in the art room producing pieces, learning techniques and refining his skills. After High school, Ken pursued his BFA in Animation from Edinboro University, where he studied alongside other great Edinboro Graduates like Dave Filoni. After college, Ken felt a call into ministry and served for several years as a youth minister on the North Side of Pittsburgh. During this time he met his wife Christine. They were married in 2001. In 2000, Ken left full time ministry and formed Hizwerks Productions, a multimedia production company, which he still owns and operates today. Ken has always believed that his gifting is meant to serve a purpose and hopes that his work brings joy, comfort or peace to those who see it. ...more