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Visual Art – San Antonio, TX

My name is Heather M Smith-Salmon. I am a self taught artist based in my native San Antonio, Texas. I work primarily with acrylics and water color as of now but plan to expand to oils soon. I love to paint natural elements, especially landscapes. As a wife and homeschooling mom of two amazing children, I often find myself in need of 'me' time, so I paint I began my art journey in 2016 mainly as a means of stress relief while finishing my degree in Psychology. I have always enjoyed doing creative activites but hadn't tried my hand at painting since my childhood paint-by-number days. I realized how much I enjoyed it but didn't really consider it as a business because I didn't have any education in art. After some great encouragement from my loved ones I decided to keep painting. In 2018, my family suffered great loss with the passing of several loved ones, including my father who was one of my biggest cheerleaders. At one point I wondered if I would ever feel joy enough to paint again. One of my fathers good friends, who also paints, told me how much my dad bragged about my paintings and felt I had a natural gift and he encouraged me to keep painting. It was a difficult time but my art helped me through the grief. It has changed my world in amazing ways. I have watched inspiration and appreciattion for art blossom in my children and couldn't imagine my life without painting. Until now I have kept my art mainly to myself, only sharing it with family and close friends. The RAW Stellar showcase is my first step in sharing my art with the public. My family and I cannot wait to see what opportunities are coming our way. ...more

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Showcasing in San Antonio, TX

STELLAR at Aztec Theatre (18+) – Nov 12, 2019 @7:00PM