Vilma Hodo
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Performing Art – New York - NYC, NY

Vilma Hodo is an Albanian born actress and performing artist.She has studied acting in the National Academy of Arts in Tirana\Albania and Psychology in the University of Social Sciences.Being passionate in Psychology and fusing it in acting makes her craft compelling and a long process of exploration.She used to work for a couple of years in many successful theatre productions in Albania ,representing her country in different international theatre festivals. New York is now her next destination to challenge herself artistically.Acting for Vilma is an instinct. Her solo performance " The Power of Transformation" produced by Raw Artists had its premiere at Raw Brooklyn on December 19th 2018. She embodies the character of an Alien that lands on earth in unknown circumstances and goes through humans memories and experiences. Recently she performed "The power of transformation" in Raw Hollywood Los Angelos and in New York City .The audience loved the performance and their enthusiasm elevated her inspiration to the next level. While she was shooting her trailer and promoting her performance on the subway "The Alien " on the subway went viral on internet reaching 2.3 million views."The power of transformation" is a work in progress solo performance concepted by her based on silent acting ,body movements and dance.David Zen Mansley is the incredble artist who sculpted the mask of the Alien for the performance. Thanks to an important audition with Crystal Field ,Executive Artistic Director of the Theatre for the New City ,Vilma was part of the Theatre for the New City's award-winning Street Theatre Company.Her unique creativity is attracting the attention of new audiences every day .Local Theatre NY published her craft in the first episode for "Extraordinary performers". Raw Artists has featured her work all over social media among Raw Community and beyond Recently she performed in Raw Hollywood Showcase on August 14th 2019 fascinating the whole audience with her inner alien energy. 2020 will resurrect her creativity deeper ,she is playing Jesus's girlfriend in a mythological fanstasy directed by Joe Battista at 13th Repertory Theatre in New York." Help a Handicapped God...Trot accress the Universe" written by Thomas Walters.The play opens on 16th and runs for 2 weeks.In february she is casted in another theatre production from Theatre for the New City " directed by Barbara Kahn that opens in March 2020. ...more