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Fashion – San Francisco, CA

Honey Cooler Handmade was formed in admiration of the snowflake: the epitome of precious uniqueness.

I believe in the pull of the covetable, impossibly feminine piece of fashion that inspires conversation, a little envy, and lots of kisses. I believe in recapturing the most precious parts of the past, the lure of luxury, and making things with care, the finest components, all one at a time. Each Honey Cooler Handmade piece is unique, delicate and eminently desirable, sewn exclusively for you. And just like a lacy snowflake, no two are alike.

My pieces are inspired by Art Deco and Edwardian design elements, using insertion lace as an embellishment technique set upon comfortable and wearable foundations. The result is lingerie that is ideal for both day-to-day layering and night-to-night lounging: fashion that is versatile, feminine and undeniably beautiful.

My personal background includes a Creative Writing BA from Carnegie Mellon University and an AA Professional Designation in Fashion Design from FIDM.

[Featured Photography by Antonette Streeter and Adam Aguilar]