Carina Lomeli

Visual Art – Los Angeles

Born in the state of California in 1984, Carina Lomeli moved with her family to Santiago Tangamandapio, Michoacan, Mexico (1990-1994). In these years she was musically inclined and was involved heavily in church. In 1994 she again moved, to Phoenix Arizona (1994-2003), where she discovered her effortless ability to imagine and create visual stories. Teachers encouraged Carina to become a Fine Artist. The outcome has been that of revolution and struggle through acquiring all skills and tools to become a great artist and observer after graduating from the Academy of Art University in 2009. She has worked with several artists and revolutionary organizations to not only make works of art but to also help the community that has been so supportive of a unique and challenging passion. “As an artist/journalist I like to travel the world and express in my paintings how humans, nature and ideas affect each other, giving the world a unique perspective on observations and situations that come about daily and historically, as well as social and psychological issues. The process of my paintings consists of trying to be everywhere in San Francisco where cultural and social communities come together for one common purpose. Whenever I see a striking, thought provoking, and conceptual image before my eyes I grab a hold of my camera. The image must contain a certain idea or question with just the right mood. If there is a story I will capture it, if the quality is just right, I will paint it.