Michele Hartmann Shoes Design

Accessories – London

Creator of a custom footwear brand for a modern and refined woman, Michele Hartmann Shoes Design is to transcend the desire for style, power, finesse and exclusivity in those who wear one of her Shoes. Born in the small town of Sao Sebastiao do Cai in the interior of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Michele Hartmann has been based for the last 12 years in London, where with vigor and boldness she begins to get attention in Europe and Brazil as a renowned designer custom shoes for special occasions. She has been passionate about shoes since childhood, when she helped her brothers working in the footwear industry. This was not meant to be a coincidence since as she says “I think I was born predestined to work with footwear”. Further on, as she recalls, \"When my mother was pregnant with me, she was not sure what would be a good name for me. It was then my older sister who saw a shoe that she had feel in love with on a window display, with the brand Michele. So that was how my name came up and why not to say, my connection to the world of footwear, with the art of combining style and good taste in an accessory so important to our lives \"