Gian flores Norte

Visual Art – Los Angeles

I grew up in East LA and Montebello my whole life and was always exposed to art as far back as i can remember. My mother and father were deeply involved in a art community center in east los angeles called SELF HELP GRAPHICS and that is where my life as an artist began. My dad is an amazing Artist and i develpoed alot of my talent studying and trying to immitate him as a child but it wasn\'t soon after i started drawing that i was learning to harness my style. I did my best to stay on the right path as a child and young man by just stucking to my art and looking forward to the future of becoming an artist. I had my first big taste of the art world interning for Estevan Oriol and Mr Cartoon at SA Studios and it was a dream come true seeing as that they are both my favorite artists since i started taking an intrest in start some years ago. After interning for them for about 3 and a half years i decided that being an artist was and is the only thing i want to be in my life. It was then that they gave me the encouragement to pursuit my career as a visual artist and i have been doing so for the past 6 years. I will one day get to where i want to be. Because i live my life by two words, GOTTA HUSTLE!