Trapped In Time Designs

Fashion – New Orleans

I have 15 years costume design and construction experience. I hold a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre (emphasis in Costume Design) and have worked for many professional and community theatres. I take great pride in my work, and will only supply the very best in the construction of each and every piece I create. While my main focus has been costume in the past, I have recently become interested in merging fashion design and costume--wearable originals that make the wearer feel special, unique and beautiful. I focus on bringing together ready-to-wear and costume to create unique, one-of-a-kind beautiful ensembles. Let\'s bring a little fun to every day clothing! I\'m interested in all genres of dress up and appreciate combining the past, present and future for one of a kind orignal items. I am a transplant from Minnesota, though I lived in the New Orleans area when small, and returned every summer throughout my life. There\'s something about this city, this state, that I had to return to again and again! Finally I decided the air fare was ridiculous, why not move? I am married and have three (very) spoiled cats.