Visual Art – Dallas - Fort Worth

Toni Martin came to Dallas from Maryland at the novel age of 14. Toni had experienced many rough patches in her life that lead her to grow up quick. She never took art to heart until she met \"Ted Kincaid\" Another fellow artist who was actually her teacher at a younger age. Ted pushed Toni to take art seriously. Until One day it clicked for her, she had always found comfort in her art and had a lust for color since age six. However, now Toni Martin has a personality that pushes the limits of imagination and drives her passion for developing works of art that branch on the brink of discovery. Toni’s Pieces are entirely self-inspired pulling from all aspects of her life. These inspirations Vary with mixed emotions from experiencing environments on a marketing level, women empowerment, perspective from the life of others, nature, and fashion. With heart-set goals and determination, Toni’s approach to revealing her art to the Dallas area has placed her in several showcases around Dallas/Fort Worth. Her most recent accomplishment has been the opportunity to Design and create a ten by five foot painting for a fabulous high profile Steak and Sushi lounge called \"RARE\" Located in the Shops at Park Lane.