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Visual Art – New York - Brooklyn, NY

David Ivanishvili The Georgian painter was born on July 30, 1972 in the town of Sagarejo Member of the Union of Artists of Georgia Member of the Malta International Culture and Art Academy (IACA MALTA) Head of the Arts Department of the "Malta Academy of Culture and Art" (IACA MALTA) 2012 - Medal of Honor of Georgia 2017 - Knight of the Roman Empire - St. Johns Order of Honor 2018 - Order of Ukraine for the work done in culture 2018 - Italian singer - Redkansian Order, exhibition "Music and colors" Author of the Sagarejo Municipality Coat and Flag 2019 year group exhibition '' ART EXPO 2019 '', NEW YORK, USA 2019 year,group exhibition "International contemporary art" Milan,Italy 2018 year, Padova, Italy, group exhibition Gallery "Queen Art Studio" 2018 year group exhibition Italy, Venice, "PALAZZO ZENOBIO" 2018 year group exhibition: London, Chelsea "Summer fine art exhibition" 2018 year, group exhibition Ukraine "КЦ галереа XXI" 2018 year personal exhibition, Art Museum of Vinnitsya 2018, International Plenary "Кращий художник" 2018 year ,group exhibition, France "PLACE DES ARTS" 2017 year,group exhibition organized by Georgian Artists Union in Zurab Tsereteli Exhibition Hall 2017year, group exhibition, Malta 2017 year, Group Exhibition, Sicily '' AMA OTRIGIA '' 2016 year,group exhibition organized by the Artists Union of Georgia on Rustaveli Avenue 2016 year, long-term exhibition Tbilisi, hotel "ZP" 2016 year, personal exhibition Malta, Gallery 'T'el' Art Lounge '' 2015 year, personal exhibition, Gallery "Universe" 2015 year, personal exhibition, Tbilisi Technical University Library Hall 2014 year, group exhibition, Tbilisi, Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection 2011 year, personal exhibition "Batumi Artists House" 2009 year, group exhibition, Strasbourg, France "PLACE DES ARTS" 2007, personal exhibition, Tbilisi, Gallery "TMS"' 2005 year, group exhibition, Tbilisi,' 'Art Caucasus 2005' ' 2002 year, Telavi, "French Days in Kakheti" His works are kept in private collections: Georgia, Ukraine, Ukraine Embassy in Georgia, France, Azerbaijan, Germany, Portugal, Malta, Russia, the USA E mail: daivigeopaintergmail.com siyvaruligmertiagmail.com Тel: +995 577 64 24 88 ...more

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Showcasing in Toronto, ON

GLOW at Mod Club (19+) – 20 May 2020 @7:00PM, 21 May 2020 @7:00PM, 22 May 2020 @7:00PM

Exhibiting on: 22 May 2020 @7:00PM