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Visual Art – San Diego, CA

Howdy do everyone, my name is Enk I spell it with the ‘E’ instead of ‘I’ to keep my name Eric relevant in which it means Soldier so I was meant to take my steps through the ladder of the service. As I did so, things became known to self in manners that keeps everything in place. As the time expands, we come to our footsteps in life to continue the path and try not to divert, but im not saying don’t not be a Divergent. I was born in London as for my dad was in Air Force. Im a continued aspiring Graphic Designer channeling into painting . “Artist are just children who refuse to put down their crayons” Al Hirschfeld “Leonardo Da Vinci, Mother Teresa, and Albert Einstien, all had the same hours and minutes in a day.” ...more

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Showcasing in San Francisco, CA

STELLAR at 1015 Folsom (21+) – Oct 02, 2019 @7:00PM