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Fashion – San Diego, CA

Hulabelle was created by a personal battle with breast cancer. The designer Dana Dinerman has been battling breast cancer on and off for over six years. During this time she realized clothing was never going to fit her quite the same way, in particular swimwear, due to a decision to remove her right breast. As she went shopping one day she figured out there were not a lot of options and this left her feeling even more held back physically from her cancer diagnosis. Instead of living with the problem, Dana decided to do something about this problem of not having enough choices for swimwear. She researched the industry and found there was a niche. She created her brand Hulabelle, LLC in 2015. The line is to bring every woman together, those who have fought breast cancer and are dealing with the repercussions from the surgery and scars to women who have never faced cancer. The idea of Hulabelle is merge together these two worlds so women like herself can shop with her friends and wear the same brands. It is a new normal, however, it should not be a life of isolation when it comes to fashion choices. Dana proudly supports charities who bring about awareness of what Stage IV is and also those who help to let women feel beautiful. Dana has a 7 year old son and husband who she is fighting for daily and new medicines and drugs help keep her alive and the cancer in her system dormant. However, cancer changes and that means medicine needs to change too. Dana enjoys her day to day life and some of the moments she cherishes are swimming with her son and dogs in their pool, riding horses, going on family vacations. ...more