Hummingbirds Design

Fashion – New York - NYC

I am inspired by the world surrounding me and ignited by my family and passion for creativity. My clothes are designed for the woman who is humble yet sweet and powerful, much like a hummingbird. She wants to explore, learn, grow, and take in the world for what it is. I began this clothing line during time of desperate measures, and the support I had throughout was sensational. As my first runway show took place, watching the girls look truly elated and confident in my designs stole my heart. Knowing that I could bring others happiness by doing what I love surfaced a whole new world to me. I was always a girl who enjoyed spending time alone, working hard, and working even harder on my toughest days. I always wanted to show others that I can do anything if I put my mind to it. Trying to be so independent is one of my faults and strengths. I have this drive to DO something meaningful to me. Designing clothes, making music, dj-ing, and painting all make me into this woman I am constantly trying to improve. Learning from others, experiencing life with others, and being an open-minded human being allow me to reflect my creativity into the production of my clothes.