Hunter Jones

Visual Art – Washington

​Born and raised in Silver Spring, I thought it was my time to finally step into the DMV art scene. I've been in love with art ever since I could hold a pencil. As a kid, and even now, I loved cartoons, comics, anime, and manga. I have to say it has heavily influenced my style. I could tell you all about when I watched the premiere of Avatar the Last Airbender in 2005 and how its art and story changed my world. Eventually though, I wanted to see more diverse characters in the media I consumed. So I drew them myself. Just like the cartoons I watched, I thought black women were just as fantastical. Being raised by strong black women, I felt as if I was always surrounded by magic. I took pen to paper and began to create my own reality. Today, my reality also involves living a sustainable life in order to protect the future of our environment. I try to incorporate elements of sustainability through my art because climate change is happening now and we are running out of time to make a difference.