Rich Rocket
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Performing Art – Washington, DC

It was a dark and stormy night... and the it stopped raining, and the next day Rich Rocket was born! Born Richard Russ, a kid who always was very aware that he was... different. His interested never included sports, or becoming a rock star. He spent his days as kid studying dramatic dialogue of the cast of Dynasty (as he watched everyday with his grandmother after school) and the comedic timing of Bea Author on the Golden Girls. Growing up Rich was unsure of where his interest would take him, but he was always aware that he was destined for more. After leaving high school, Rich began actively producing and hosting events, starting in college and eventually moving on to his own productions including an Open Mic that ran for 4 years. He has proudly graced some big stages including the Robert Kaufman Theater, and Fillmore in Silver Spring. Dually exploring a career in visual arts, Rich spends his days as an independent Graphic Designer and Photographer, and his nights on stage making audiences smile, and keeping the show light! ...more