Fashion – Sacramento

iARABIKINI presents a collection of swimwear that gives you a real connection with the wonderful and beautiful world we all have been given. Based in Santa Cruz, our California Native Creator Ashleigh Garcia infuses the feeling of being a part of the sea with each piece that is handmade. Using the best of luxury fabrics ranging from France to Australia, we strive for function and lasting comfort. Constantly being inspired by living among the widely populated sea life, surf, and beautiful California coast, never compromising the essence of the Santa Cruz style, our bikinis bring something new and exotic to the table. Many of our bikinis can be paired with body jewelry and this presents such an unforgettable bohemian feel and look that heads will always be turning. Our wilding designer\'s passion for the ocean started as a young girl not only being drawn to water naturally, as funny and cute as it is, Ashleigh has had that “mermaid vibe” ever since Disney’s Ariel made her a “part of her world” while growing up in Southern California. All growing up she was known as having that “Surfer Girl” look as described by her friends and family and after years of dreaming to live near the sea she finally has the cool sea air blowing through her hair. In 2014 Her dream came true, Santa Cruz was the new chapter for her and her family and iARA was opened two months after the move and has been such a total blessing!